We all take our time to define who we are over the years, carefully and meticulously culling out ourselves to become this individual that either stands out or merges and blends within the ever expanding vastness of beings…

What we create is a ‘PARADIGM‘ called ‘I‘, or ‘ME‘. A paradigm which has a distinct set of beliefs, values and ideas of what should or shouldn’t be. A unique way of understanding what this world is all about and how does this paradigm of ‘I & Me‘ fit into its scheme of things.

When we think we have worked it all out, covered all the angles, and have found this brilliant solution to make life work, we take pride in the ‘Paradigm‘ we created. A superlative effort indeed!

But! What we overlook completely is that every paradigm has got its own limitations. Limitations that arise from ‘beliefs‘ that we are completely oblivious to, or from ‘values and ideas‘ that have never been revisited and re-examined since they were formed, more often than not by default! These then become a fixed set of attributes that define the paradigm, the ‘I & Me‘.

We spend the rest of our lives optimizing these attributes within the paradigm in an effort to make life even better. But, then life can only get so much better within this paradigm. Because it’s FIXED! It’s RIGID! Even the best expression of life within the realms of this grandest possibility of I & Me’ is going to be stunted due to its inherent limitations.

What we really need to do is not spend time optimizing the existing attributes, but spend time more constructively and effectively in expanding the Paradigm of ‘I & Me’ itself.

CREATE a bigger and a much fuller paradigm.

A HIGHER, GREATER and a GRANDER version ofI & Me’.

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