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Leadership Skills Development
With the backing of having assessed and screened tens of thousands of candidates for the armed forces where the pre-requisite is about having a balanced personality, the facilitators at INNERLEGEND are experts in spotting the strengths and weaknesses of executives and individuals in terms of a well-rounded leader’s personality.

A balance between the intelligence, effectiveness, adjustment and dynamism and many more sub-factors about an individual often separates the wheat from the chaff and makes all the difference in an individual’s career or even in living a fulfilling life.

At INNERLEGEND, we fortify the strengths and help in filling up the gaps ‘through a multitude of introspective conversations and exercises’.

Team Strengthening for Growing Businesses
On comparing a person who succeeds vis-a-vis a person who fails in most of his/her endeavours, the reasons can invariably be traced back to the nature of the ever-ongoing conversations in that person’s mind.

Very similarly a team/organization’s ability to succeed or fail is starkly evident in the very nature of the conversations that are taking place within the various pockets of the organization, both internally and even externally when the members interact with outside agencies. The quality and nature of these conversations have a tell-tale effect and clearly indicate the health of an organisation.

Healthy Inter-personnel spaces combined with a clear vision results in highly productive conversations which in turn go a long way in creating strong and enduring highly focused teams that can be depended upon for growing a business successfully.

Interventions and exercises to ‘change the nature of those conversations’ and put the organisation back on the path to success is where you would want to consider engaging with us at INNERLEGEND.

At INNERLEGEND we specialize in collaborating with individuals in formulating a plan and delineating a strategy to achieve a goal selected by a mentee. The process is based on ‘a series of intense introspective conversations’, that will facilitate bringing in the ‘clarity of purpose’ and the ‘WHY’, behind the actions that are required to achieve the goal. The kind of clarity that gets generated will automatically propel the mentee forward into a proactive space that will ensure success.
Team Building for STARTUPS
Teams, particularly startups, need to come together in more than just the formal and official ways. The initial couple of years of a startup are more often than not, the most stressful and mismanaged part of the growth of a company.

Not coming together as a team sufficiently and breaking down under the ever increasing stress during the early months is one of the main reasons why 90% of the startups fail.

We at INNERLEGEND, make it possible for a startup to thrive, by bringing together the team and synergizing the personnel through ‘structured and guided processes’, and exercises that will tremendously increase the chances of the venture to not only survive, but to excel.

Systemic Team Coaching
Teams that want to take their performance and existence from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’, need to work at a lot more than just getting their executives coached and taking their teams through effective team-building exercises. The journey from ‘Good’ to ‘Great’ needs a lot more than powerful leaders and highly driven, energetic teams.

Systemic team coaching is a process that will get to the core of the very existence of the business, the spaces in-between that define the culture and the environment of the company. It would involve looking into the matters of psychological safety of the employees, their sense of fulfillment, the identity of the organization, clarifying the ‘What’ the business wants to achieve and the ‘Why’ behind it. Interventions That would help the entire team to function as one organism towards one common vision rather than function with different agendas and as multiple silos.

Systemic team coaching is for teams that are desirous of their highest expression and creativity and are willing to take their output and productivity not just to the next level but to their very best.

Executive Coaching
Hitting roadblocks, feeling drained, running out of ideas, coming in the way of their own progress, not seeing a way forward, or simply getting stuck or feeling stuck are some very common situations that executives in growing companies can find themselves in, on a regular basis. Trying to find your way out of a dense forest can be much easier with the help of a map and a compass. An executive coach plays exactly this role.

‘YOU’ are the Key

Whichever organisation you are a part of, it is ‘YOU’ who holds within, the power and the excellence that your organisation needs, because at the heart of all businesses and endeavours are people. And, “YOU’ are likely to be the one that makes all the difference.

Paradigm Shifts

Paradigm shifts take place when teams become aware of their deeper potential by recognising their invisible blocks, effectively handling their concerns and breaking free of the shackles of limiting conversations. 

Clarity of Purpose

Purpose is often lost in the pursuit of growth, expansion and chasing bottom lines. Cutting through the clutter and aligning back to the ‘why’, and helping teams focus on their larger purpose is key to business turn-arounds.

Inspired Action

When the right team is in place and the future is inspiring, the resulting action, effort and behaviour is more powerful and effective than all snazzy strategies and management fads put together.

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