As I started getting more and more oriented on my journey to become a coach, I started seeing how my own understanding of myself had started to change. With skills of empathy, unconditional positive regard and congruence getting firmly rooted in my practice and even deeply ingrained into my mindset, I started getting more and more confident about the coaching process.

Then I suddenly got exposed to a concept and a theory that completely blew my mind when I attended a webinar on systemic transformational processes. I enrolled for a course on the same technique very soon and that brought a huge shift in my understanding about how to access others, teams and ourselves uniquely and powerfully in minimal time. 

“By identifying resonant and dissonant energies in our bodies and by deeply listening to them.” That simple! I initially thought that all of us are probably already doing that all the time. There must be something wrong about how I understood this! But, I soon realized that though we are generally aware of our happiness and sadness, our underlying courage or fear, we rarely use them as a portal to access what really wants to happen in our lives. We usually use these realizations to choose to either engage with or side step life as it hits us. 

We access these energies by tracking and acting upon the feelings, thoughts and sensations that these energies give rise to. We then use our intellect and intuition to manage these thoughts, feelings and emotions. We are always creating and recreating activities that amuse us, so we can feel happy and high. We generally try to side step and refuse to accept dissonant energies and even deny them so that we don’t feel the discomfort that comes along with dealing with them. For instance, we try to forget we are in pain and we try to drown our pain by resorting to other activities, conversations, actions etc. At least that is how I had been handling my dissonant energies of fear, pain, anxiety, tension, sadness etc., before I went through this workshop. 

What opened up during the workshop is the idea that these energies are also a channel through which the universe is probably trying to connect with us. A higher intelligence that quite efficiently governs the manifestations, the existence of the universe may also be communicating and channelizing its inputs to us, via resonant/dissonant energies that keep showing up all the time in our bodies. Our bodies are akin to a tuning fork that vibrates in sync with the frequency of the higher intelligence or the whole that is trying to send us a message. What if that message was something for us to listen to? What if all we had to do was only to listen to these series of messages and act from that space, that knowing? That would make us, a very small, infinitesimally tiny part of the universe, which is completely in tune with the larger whole. Now, that might just be the very purpose of our lives, to listen to the systems that we belong to! 

This concept really got me thinking about how I could use this in my coaching, mentoring and systemic team coaching sessions. Ihave since then used this concept selectively on clients both individuals and teams who seemed stuck in a bad place in terms of their energies. When I feel a client or a system needs it, I take their permission to guide them through such a conversation with no words, with their dissonant energies that they sense within themselves. This approach has most times given me some dramatic results.

Teams and individuals have felt totally rejuvenated, refreshed and completely charged-up after such sessions. They are invariably full of clarity as the answers they find are not of their intellect (that is just – ‘a part’) but sourced from a higher intelligence or the system (that is – ‘the whole’). It clearly makes all the difference and leaves teams and individuals with the kind of transformation that they could only dream of.

It leaves them ‘Transmogrified’!

This reflection has been inspired by the work of Trace Hobson. Please visit ( should you want to know about the workshops he offers.

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