I have always been of the opinion that life is a journey of experiences of all kinds and so, logically, as long as we keep moving ahead in any direction (presumably a pre-destined path), eventually we would have lived a life and hence fulfilled our purpose of having lived. 

But, I have also started understanding and believing that I really have a choice in every moment and a say in the matter of how I experience all these moments in my life. Despite my destiny or despite the life I am expected to live and even despite how my life has turned out to be, I have a choice.

Irrespective of my past or how the future is going to turn out for me I really have a total, complete, unrestricted access to this very present moment, ‘Right Now’. I really don’t need to calculate or foresee the consequences of my action or deliberate upon what is the best course to adopt or decide after considering based on my past experiences as to who should I be right now in this very moment or what should I do, which would be the most appropriate/right thing to do right now?

 Just like an infant who is willing to try out anything and everything out of sheer Wonderment, out of just a sense of pure, unadulterated joy. With a kind of excitement and a sense of adventure that comes from without attaching any meaning to the actions. I always have in this moment NOW, a huge possibility to make my life turn out and mean exactly the way I would want it to.

Just in this one moment and just for this one moment! Right Now! Putting aside all my stories of my life, putting aside what I remember about my past, putting aside all the whys and the whens and I shoulds and the I coulds, and even putting aside who I think I am. I have a choice! A choice wherein I could choose to feel all the love one can feel, I could allow myself to be completely vulnerable so as to allow all my loved ones who want to reach out to me to totally swaddle me so that I feel completely engulfed and wrapped in their love for me. Making no meaning of it, what-so-ever, not wondering whether it would last forever, or what would others make of it or questioning whether I am even entitled to it or do I even deserve it?

Just in this one moment and just for this one moment! Right Now! I don’t want to feel scared about getting hurt or hurting others. I want to do just the one thing that I feel right about doing and the one thing that the deepest part of my soul tells me that it is the only thing that I really need to do. From the deepest part of my heart which aches to reach out to my most loved ones and express to them how much they mean to me. With no fear, with no apprehensions, with no hesitations, without holding back in any which way, I want to express with all possible PURITY, just pure love that I feel deep within! Unbridled, unrestrained LOVE!

I really have only this moment NOW to express it. I don’t really need the world to change or my life to alter course or for a future to present itself to me, for me to take this step. Anyways, even if all that happens and this magical moment does come someday when I presume I will find myself ready to go ahead and express myself. Then, in that moment when I express myself, it will only get expressed in the NOW (even then, many years or many months or many days from now), that moment will then be RIGHT NOW!

So, I am really trying to reach out to you to help you realize, that you don’t have to wait to let it happen or to make it happen. There is no ‘when it might happen’. There is actually only a present moment now, just one moment now, a tiny little moment, a small tiny window within which we all can make it happen. Right Now!! Followed by Right Now!! Followed by Right Now!! Followed by Right Now!! And many more Right Nows!! And followed by an eternity of Right Nows!! And then you are suddenly no more at the ‘effect of’ your life but instead are the ‘cause’ of it. So, please don’t wait! Life is beautiful and waiting is such a complete waste. Just be and do and feel and have whatever it is that you want Right Now!

Life is too, too precious to let this moment go by!!!

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